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fiction theory

The artist is not afraid

Fiction Theory

Fiction Theory.
This journal is a mirror of megwrites.dreamwidth.org. If you wish to see this journal with ads, as well as with the full profile, please go there. This journal will remain open and crossposted to, and I do answer and accept comments here because I know that switching services may be difficult for some and OpenID is not accessible for many folks. Anonymous comments are turned on, but screened. Spam and blatant hate-mongering, conversation derailing, and disrespect get deleted. Comments posted by registered users will not get deleted, but threads may be frozen and folks banned if they cross a line. All entries are pb
This journal is my reading/writing blog. I discuss what I read and write. I also discuss social justice and how that intersects with literature and the U.S. publishing industry. I am still educating myself about privilege and oppression and how they operate. If I have said something that is hurtful or offensive, please let me know. Also let me know if there is any way I can make this journal more accessible for you.
I identify as the following: cisgendered, a woman, pansexual, fat, Caucasian, U.S.-American-Western. I'm originally from Tennessee, so identify as a Southerner, but I now live in NYC. I'm currently seeking publication.
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