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fiction theory

The artist is not afraid

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Book Barn winnings
default3, writing!wench
Is it wrong that half of my reasons for being so thrilled with going to the Book Barn are because I get to list what I buy on Librarything?

In case you don't know about librarything, it's basically a site where you list your books and tag them connect with other people and dammit, it's cooler than that. Just go. It's free.

And because I'm like that, I'm also listing them here.

Margaret Atwood - The Robber Bride
Patrick Suskind - Perfume
Dave Wolverton - The Golden Queen*
Joan D. Vinge - The Snow Queen
Mary Barnard - Sappho
Paula Volsky - Illusion*
Robert Heinlein - Friday*
Ursula K. Leguin - The Other Wind*
Marina Lewycka - A Short History of Tractors In Ukranian

Wheee! We're running out shelf space around here.
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