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Updating so you don't think I've disappeared
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I'd comment on the whole Amazon vs. Macmillan dust-up except as far as I can tell, there's not much anyone can do except go elsewhere to buy Macmillan books and hope Amazon doesn't get any stupider. As far as the whole e-books thing goes? I'm sticking with paperbacks until the price comes way down and there's a reader that actually makes sense. Nothing on the market is even feasible. Sony's model can't handle temperatures under 30 degrees (and in NYC, that's bad), the Kindle is too expensive and Amazon can take your purchases back any time they want, and I'm not buying a damn iPhone just for the reader.

I'll get interested in about five years when there's an ebook reader that doesn't cost more than a week's worth of groceries for my household. So, Amazon, why don't you just hit me back in 2015 when you've got something I can afford and use? Thanks.

This is why I loved used books. Cheap reads and you know (to a reasonable degree of certainty) that the author got paid for their work.

As far as writing, I'm working my way through the last half of Soul Machines, because I love that story and want to tell it. And after that I'll move on to something else. But like I said, I took my double dose of fuckitol and don't care about the market right now. It feels good to be writing again, le sigh. Whenever I get depressed about The Year of Epic Failure, I remind myself that I can always write. Maybe nobody will see it, but the story can still me me happy. It might as well. If I'm gonna not get published, I might as well not get published with something I enjoy revisiting.

As far as reading, I'm depressed that I've taken longer than my allotted time on my current book. I really need to learn to read faster. How do people who have jobs where they have to read ALL DAY LONG get through manuscript after manuscript like this? I'm lucky if I clear a book a week. I couldn't imagine a book a day.

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What are you currently reading?

I'd love to read your work sometime. I'd love to see what you write. :)

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