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Work continues apace

Project: UF!2Girls. I've gotta get a better title.

Wordcount: 8923

Goal: 100,000

Deadline: July

Reason For Stopping: Dinner and then reading/bedtime.

Exercise: An hour of aerobics and some light walking for errand running.

Stimulants/Chemicals: None

Musical Inspiration: Moira Smiley & Voco - Wondrous Love; Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Feel It Now

Other Creative Activities: None

Reading Materials: The Pretender's Crown by C.E. Murphy

Darling du Jour: Jane knuckles went white around the stapler she'd been fiddling with for the last five minutes. Lissa wondered if she was going to use it as a weapon. Not that it wouldn't be funny to see Jane chuck a flaming Swingline at this guy's head, but they needed the client.

Mean Things: Bad prophecies, old age, prejudices, racism, wife beating, manslaughter, impending doom.

Things Learned/Discovered: I must be getting better as a writer because I don't even have to wait for the next draft to know where and how I'm sucking on charcoal briquettes. But that's what edit notes are for. Just make a little reminder to myself at the top of the chapter about what I'd like to do when it comes time to fix things. I will fix this later after I make the story come out.
Tags: progress notes, story: uf!2girls
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