Fiction Theory (fiction_theory) wrote,
Fiction Theory

Code for sweet justice!

I have found a way to thwart the evil that is Twitter from spilling over into LiveJournal. All praises go to isiscolo for this.

I can now stop Loud Twitter posts from showing up on my f-list. All I had to do was insert this beautiful little bit of code into the custom CSS box:

.loudtwitter {
display: none!important

And voila, the Tweets and Twits are gone! In case you didn't notice, I sort of loathe and despise Twitter. Mostly because I don't need anything else encouraging people on the 'net with whom I am not closely acquainted in their delusion that I actually care about their grocery lists and dinner plans and the completely non-witty witticisms they think up during the day.

Sorry, internet people. I'm just not that into you.
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